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From "Jan Hendrik" <>
Subject Status of & Windows binaries
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 18:14:17 GMT
Hi all!

I know and appreciate that the binaries are provided by volunteers, 
so please take this at the actual value of the subject: as a question 
not of when, but on the status.

Checking now and then for new versions at tigris there are only 
binaries for 1.6.6 from late October.  Getting kind of curious I 
looked at the homepage probably a fortnight ago, to find current 
version rather is 1.6.9 or three releases further.  Yet when looking 
around a little more had binaries of 1.6.6 only, so had 
Wandisc (learned from Wikipedia they had bought into Subversion). 
 Only third-party places like SlikSVN or TortoiseSVN had 1.6.9 
stuff.  Not much use here as I would need plain server & client 
binaries, nothing more, nothing less.

I could imagine that with the move to Apache there are license 
issues, so my question: have I missed something, will there be 
binaries again in future or are we on our own?


Freedom quote:

     I beg you take courage; the brave soul can mend even disaster.
               -- Catherine the Great (1729-1796)

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