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From Pavel Tarasenko <>
Subject svnsync - commit replaying problem
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 11:51:44 GMT
Hi all,

We have huge subversion repository (avg. 3.5 gigabytes, 140000+ revisions)
with svn 1.4.4 (yes, too old, but we can't change this), and two mirrors
with svn 1.6.9, synchronised through svnsync.
Few days ago svnsync stopped working. It can't process one particular
revision and displays "Transmitting file data .svnsync: Error while
replaying commit".

Changes in the revision was very simple - just one-line addition to unicode
(utf-16) text file, and svn 1.6.9 can update working copy with this revision
without any errors. Moreover, when we tried to reproduce this situation by
creation of test repository, that contain only this file, svnsync 1.6.9
works fine too!

At this time, the only solution we found is downgrade to svn1.4.4 at mirror
servers and then recreate and synchronize repositories from scratch.

Is seems like bug in svnsync... or does anybody have idea, what the problem


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