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From Gregory Berkolaiko <>
Subject How to recover from a "checksum mismatch"
Date Sat, 20 Feb 2010 20:09:43 GMT

Due to some (yet unknown) mistake, my colleague is experiencing a
"checksum mismatch" error message.  Is there a civilized way to
recover from such a mismatch.  The solutions I found posted on the web
are all klutches: the mildest being "check out a fresh copy,
substitute the text-base file causing the conflict" and the worst
being "svn delete then svn add".

It seems to me having an "svn revert --force blah" revert everything
completely, including the text-base files is the optimal solution to
the problem (unless another solution exists that I just couldn't

Best wishes,

P.S. Please CC the replies to me, if possible.

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