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From Andy Levy <>
Subject Re: version at which non-interactive was added to svn add
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 13:42:10 GMT
On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 21:23, lasdka 88 <> wrote:
> I am trying to find out the version at which the --non-interactive
> option was added to svn add command. I've had a look through the
> release notes but I can't find it. I know that it was after 1.4.2. Is
> anyone able to help me?

Features are very rarely added in minor point releases (1.4.x), so
most likely it was 1.5 or later.

> In general, what is the best way of finding out the version at which a
> particular command line option was added? I am trying to write some
> software which uses subversion and is backwards compatible with older
> versions - and for that I need to know which options were available
> for the installed version.

Rather than have this external dependency and have to "probe" for
features, why not roll the Subversion client libraries into your
software directly? Or at least use the language bindings (API) instead
of calling the command-line directly?

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