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From "Srilakshmanan, Lakshman" <>
Subject RE: Junior developers
Date Mon, 22 Feb 2010 05:58:46 GMT
Hi Dcz,

One point of clarification. Each JD does ** not ** have their own branch.
Each ** change ** has a branch. If the change is large and more than one developer is working
on the change, they will all work in the same branch.

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From: dcz [] 
Sent: Thursday, 18 February 2010 7:43 PM
Subject: Re: Junior developers

Yes, could be a solution, use branches, but I would like to avoid the one branch per JD situation
also. I'm currently investigating over review board if you have thoughts to share.
FYI the trunk is indeed intended a stable stream.

Le 17/02/2010 23:37, Srilakshmanan, Lakshman a écrit :
> Hi dcz,
> You can write a pre-commit hook or use AuthzSVNAccessFile to restrict 
> commit into trunk by only Senior Developers. This way the Junior 
> developer can perform his work in the branch and requests the Senior 
> Developer to review and merge his code back into trunk in preparation 
> for release. I am assuming you use trunk as a stable stream.
> Thanks
> Lakshman
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> From: dcz []
> Sent: Thursday, 18 February 2010 12:17 AM
> To:
> Subject: Junior developers
> Hello,
> Here is what I'm trying to do : some user (let's call them junior
> developer) should require their commit to be authorized by other 
> (senior
> developer) before they would actually be committed.
> Since I saw this feature on an svn (though I do not administrate this 
> one, so I can't tell how it is done, but it's svn for sure) and found 
> it pretty useful, I was a bit surprised not to be able to find any 
> topic about it after hours a googling.
> Would be very nice if someone could share thoughts about how to set 
> such feature up.
> Regards,
> dcz

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