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From "Jeff Abbott" <>
Subject RE: Tortoise SVN merge bug?
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 00:12:09 GMT
I'm afraid it does but I'm not counting out user error quite yet.  Yes I am merging to my working
copy of the trunk.  I created a branch from my trunk, and checked it out.  The first revision
of the branch is 3221.  Then I added a text file named "my test.txt" and put the word "test"
in the file.  I then select merge as follows:
I right click on my trunk check out and select "merge a range of revisions" and enter the
URL to my branch.  Next I don't enter revisions any and run the "Test Merge".  Then I get
the following output:  
Merging r2 through r1761: [path]
[long list of files updated, merged, conflicted]
Merging r1798 through r3052: [path]
[long list of files updated, merged, conflicted]
Merging r3053 through r3220: [path]
[long list of files updated, merged, conflicted]
Merging r3221 through r3223: [path]
I get is a single "Added" line before it completes.
Added: [path]\New File.txt  
Completed: [path]
I close the Merge test and click on back then select "Show Log" and select the range of revisions.
 Click Next and run "Test Merge" again, 
Merging r3221 through r3223: [path]
all I get is a single "Added" line before it completes.
Added: [path]\New File.txt  
Completed: [path]

So I'm concluding merging a branch does not merge back to the "parent" from which it was branched,
but from the parent of all parents from which our trunk originated 5 years ago.  So "To merge
all revisions, leave the box empty." means merge this branch all the way back to the first
checkin that ever occurred in the repository?
Our repository has four root entries:
dev/[older trunks]
ptr/[issue track number or each PTR]

I am merging ptr branches created off of the trunk. But the merge merges the branck back to
the original ptr branch that is revision 2 under which I had created my branch folder.

Now I'm guessing I have lost you here, but if you do see my mistake please set me straight.



From: Bob Archer []
Sent: Mon 2/1/2010 6:07 PM
To: Bob Archer; Jeff Abbott;
Subject: RE: Tortoise SVN merge bug?

> > When I select merge I get three options. The first option "Merge a range
> > of revisions" produces varied results.  If you want to merge an entire
> > branch back to the trunk (from where it was branched), it actually does a
> > revert when you follow the instructions "To merge all revisions, leave
> the
> No it doesn't. Unless the path you are merging to is not the path that you
> coppied the branch from.
> Are you selecting Merge from the WC of the trunk?

Also, if you are merging trunk TO branch... then want to merge branch back to trunk make sure
you selected "Reintegrate" check box.


> > box empty."  If you enter the revision range then it does work.  I
> suspect
> > if you leave it blank and check "Reverse merge" it would work also.
> > Jeff

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