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From Dave Purrington <>
Subject Deleted directory committed to repo translated to ignored directory locally
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 22:34:06 GMT
The scenario goes like this:

   1. Homer svn deletes a folder and commits to the repository.
   2. Marge svn updates, and svn reports the folder Homer deleted ("D
   <some folder>")
   3. Marge runs svn st, some folder is not reported as unversioned.

However, the folder is still on disk (unversioned, i.e. no .svn folder) and
is now ignored (revealed by "svn st --no-ignore"). What's odd is that I
can't even tell how it's being ignored. Marge doesn't have a matching
pattern in her global ignores, and svn propget svn:ignore on the parent
folder reveals nothing useful. All clients using 1.6.6 on Windows.

What's also strange is that there are plenty of cases where files or folders
are deleted and post update they show up as unversioned items. Why the

Sneh? Bug? Feature? Cosmic rays?


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