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From Erik Andersson <>
Subject Merge scripts
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 10:26:04 GMT

Have anyone already created some scripts for making life easier using svn
1.6 merge tracking and are willing to share?

I want a replacement for avail -l
Something like: -S <source>
Running: svn mergeinfo <source> --show-revs eligible | xargs -I {} svn log
-v <source> -{}

I'd like a script for merging trunk to a branch
1. shows available changsets with log
2. asks if you want to merge the available changesets
3. merges changes from ../../trunk (unless --trunk|-T <trunk> is specified)
(req's a /module/branches|trunk structure setup)
4. asks to commit, unless conflicts are found

And a script to reintegrate branches and recording the reintegrate changeset
as record-only in the branch) --branch|-B <branch>
1. shows available changes in the branch
2. asks if you want to merge
3. merges changes from the branch
4. asks to commit, unless conflicts are found
5. record the trunk commit as record-only
  5.1. cd <branch>
  5.2. svn merge -c XXXXX --record-only
  5.3  svn ci -m"#1234 blocking merge of <branch> to trunk"

Something like this..

Ps. I apologize if this already have been resolved and my google skills
failed me. Ds.

Cheers / Erik

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