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From "Eramo, Mark" <>
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 16:40:19 GMT

I am trying to diff the trunk and a specific tag of a project in SVN to get a list of files
that have changed AND a list of any new files
that were added to the trunk since the tag but I am not able to get the same results as with
CVS diff.

For example, I add a new java file to the trunk.

I then run the following diff command (code path has been removed *** )

svn diff $SVNROOT/project/***/trunk/ $SVNROOT/project/***/tags/v2_3_4/

It produces results showing the new file as follows:

Index: java/***/

--- java/***/       (.../trunk)             (revision 100089)
+++ java/**/        (.../tags/v2_3_4)       (revision 100089)

So it shows the file change but it does not show the file as being new to the trunk (or does
it?). Anyway, it is not easy to distinguish if it was updated or added.

If I were to do a cvs diff, it would produce results like this.

diffing /java/***
cvs diff: tag v2_3_4 is not in file java/***/

I could then use egrep to extract all these lines from the diff and I would have a list of
new files between the head and the tag.

Is there a way to do something similar in SVN?



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