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From Chris Jones <>
Subject merge is silently changing svn:mergeinfo on unrelated files
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 19:47:07 GMT
I have two branches, release and patches. Release was made in rev 2120 
by copying HEAD of trunk. Patches was made in rev 2138 by copying HEAD 
of release -- release had no changes between 2120 and 2138. Now I'm 
merging changes from trunk into patches, with the intent of vetting 
these and bringing them up to release. I'm merging from my working copy 
trunk onto my working copy patches.

The first merge I did was using TortoiseSVN 1.6.7, merging the change in 
rev 2121. Tortoise did that correctly, but it also silently modified 
svn:mergeinfo on an unrelated set of 7 files. I reverted the erroneous 
properties, then committed the results of this merge as rev 2140. This 
commit consisted of changes to one source file, plus property changes to 
the patches directory.

Now I'm using CollabNet svn 1.6.9, trying to do more merges, but it's 
showing the same incorrect behavior:
C:\project> svn merge -r 2124:2126 trunk branches/patches
--- Merging r2125 through r2126 into 'branches\patches':
U    branches\patches\file1

Now file1 is correctly patched, waiting for commit. Also, the patches 
dir shows what I think are the correct property changes. But the same 
set of unrelated files have svn:mergeinfo changes.

My server is running SVN 1.5.2.

Am I misunderstanding something about how merge is supposed to operate? 
Why is it pulling in these unrelated files and marking their 
svn:mergeinfo properties?


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