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From Chris Withers <>
Subject merge doesn't merge changes
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 10:19:23 GMT
Hi All,

The repo in question is public, so please feel free to attempt the same 
thing here and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

So, the story is that I was doing development on trunk, but I needed to 
branch off to do some changes while not releasing the stuff I currently 
had to trunk. So, trunk becamethe 1.8 branch and the 1.6 branch became 
trunk. I did the dev work on trunk and released 1.7, now I want to merge 
the changes made on trunk since was created from the 1.6 branch into the 
1.8 branch, so the 1.8 branch can again become trunk.

Sounds simple enough to do the last part, right?


- svn co

- svn merge -r 4195:HEAD .

Except this merges no changes :-(

svn diff -r 4195:HEAD
...shows the changes I would expected to see merged.

svn merge --ignore-ancestry -r 4195:HEAD
...also does nothing, so I really am at a loss here.

Anyone have any ideas how I can merge my changes other than bye hand?!


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