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From dcz <>
Subject Re: Junior developers
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2010 14:36:10 GMT
Le 17/02/2010 15:24, Andy Levy a écrit :
> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 09:19, dcz<>  wrote:
>> Thanks for responding.
>> I was hopping that someone did put something together to handle this.
>> It looks like doable with a pre-commit hook that would have a look in a db
>> (or a file) to find out if the user is JD or SD. For JDs, the commit could
>> be made dry-run, and the script could in such case send a mail to SDs who
>> could later reply to in order to do the actual commit (eg authorize it), or
>> not.
> Hook scripts do not work in this way. They are non-interactive and
> especially in the case of the pre-commit, will block others from
> committing while the hook is executing.
> There is no "dry run" for a commit. It's conceivable that you could
> check the user ID in the pre-commit, and if the committer is JD,
> reject the commit while mailing a diff to SD which represents the
> change being attempted. This would require a lot of overhead on the
> server though.
> Honestly, I think you're trying to apply an excessively technical
> solution to a fundamentally non-technical idea.
You're probably right, I was just thinking that a bit more automation 
could be handy.
Though solution 1) is very close to do it, could use a mailing list to 
warn all SD at a time and see who handles first.
I would just have liked to skip the JD "putting together a patch" step 
and have it done by the server, but ho well.

Thanks for sharing your thoughs.

>> Unfortunately, I still have a lot of doc to read about svn and not so much
>> time as us all.
>> But since I saw it working, I keep faith ;-)
>> Le 17/02/2010 14:30, Andy Levy a écrit :
>>> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 08:17, dcz<>    wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> Here is what I'm trying to do : some user (let's call them junior
>>>> developer)
>>>> should require their commit to be authorized by other (senior developer)
>>>> before they would actually be committed.
>>>> Since I saw this feature on an svn (though I do not administrate this
>>>> one,
>>>> so I can't tell how it is done, but it's svn for sure) and found it
>>>> pretty
>>>> useful, I was a bit surprised not to be able to find any topic about it
>>>> after hours a googling.
>>>> Would be very nice if someone could share thoughts about how to set such
>>>> feature up.
>>> Subversion has no such feature, which is why you can't find anything about
>>> it.
>>> You can approach this a couple of ways. 2 that come to mind immediately:
>>> 1) Junior developer (JD) submits patches to the senior developer (SD).
>>> SD reviews the patch&    commits when he's satisfied.
>>> 2) JD gets his own private branch&    can commit to it all day long.
>>> When he's ready for a code review, SD looks it over&    merges JD's work
>>> into trunk (or wherever your main development is done). This will
>>> require that JD's branch be kept up to date with regular merges from
>>> trunk so that he's not conflicting with other peoples' work.

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