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From Olivier Sannier <>
Subject Re: Reintegrate with vendor branches
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 08:23:49 GMT
Ulrich Eckhardt wrote:
> Check if while merging you omitted changing the mergeinfo in the 'libA'
> folder. If so, that's probably a human error. Adding the missing info
> manually is the right way to go.
> Actually, the fact that merging to X changes the mergeinfo in subdir Y that
> wasn't touched is a common source of confusion. There are two ways out:
>   1. Educate the users. They must understand that these separate mergeinfo
> properties are actually necessary. Yes, a better design could perhaps fix
> that, but that is not the status quo.
Yes, that's pretty much the conclusion I came up to as well. I'll have 
to go around and tell the users to remember to commit everything. And I 
agree that a better design would help avoiding the confusion, even 
though I'm not sure what this design could look like.

>   2. Merge to the root of the project only. This avoids having subdirs with
> differing mergeinfos. This is a bit difficult in your project, because it
> contains the libs which are otherwise on the same "level", i.e. projects
> themselves. What you should consider is not having copies of the libs in your
> main project but references. The closest to the current state would be to use
> svn:external to reference the libs. That way, the mergeinfo of both your
> project and the external libs wouldn't be mixed but stay apart.
I can't use svn:external because I have local modifications that are not 
in the public versions of those libs.
In the end, I'll have to keep an eye on my users.


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