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From CBy <>
Subject Tagging related projects
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2010 10:08:48 GMT
Hi. I am a former VSS user trying to master subversion and have a 
question about tagging.

Suppose I have 2 projects, Foo and Bar, which have nothing in common. 
Because they are unrelated, I decided to give them their own TTB 
directories under /foo and /bar, respectively. Both projects, however, 
depend on a Utils project, which has features needed in virtually all my 
projects. Because Utils is a general purpose project, I also gave it its 
own TTB directories under /utils. Is that strange reasoning so far?

Now I want to tag the release of my Foo project, e.g. 
/foo/tags/release-1.0. Since Foo depends on Utils, I guess I need to tag 
Utils as well, e.g. 
/utils/tags/utils-compatible-with-release-1.0-of-foo? Or should I save 
it to /foo/tags/release-1.0/utils? Or is there no need to tag Utils, 
because I can use the revision number of /foo/tags/release-1.0 to relate 
it back to Utils? In other words, how can I record that a specific 
version of one project is related to a specific version of another 
project when they're not in the same TTB tree (but in the same repository)?

Looking forward to your advise,


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