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From Kevin Longfellow <>
Subject excessive disk usage by revisions?
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 21:15:19 GMT


I've been looking at a space utilization issue and am a bit confused. Just looking at the
size of the revisions in the db/revs directory and only looking at the 2.2M size revs I see
about 3GB+ of disk space consumed just for Feb 2:

ls -lhrt /misc_sourcectrl01/svnrepositories/qcfusion/db/revs/14? | grep "Feb  2" | grep 2.2M
| wc -l

I checked out one of the revs and only see 180k with du -sk of the checked out directory?
 I planned to look at what they are doing until I saw this.  Why the 2.2M revision and only
180k of space on the checkout?

[root@dadbcu09 qcfusion]# svn log -v -r 142001 file:///misc_sourcectrl01/svnrepositories/qcfusion
r142001 |  | 2010-02-02 10:08:15 -0800 (Tue, 02 Feb 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /PROJECTS/QC_PRODUCTION_FUSION_5_FusionQA/Test_173080/_AttachRep
   A /PROJECTS/QC_PRODUCTION_FUSION_5_FusionQA/Test_173080/_AttachRep/_DesAttach.Rcd
   A /PROJECTS/QC_PRODUCTION_FUSION_5_FusionQA/Test_173080/_AttachRep/_TestAttach.Rcd
   A /PROJECTS/QC_PRODUCTION_FUSION_5_FusionQA/Test_173080/_TestInfo
   A /PROJECTS/QC_PRODUCTION_FUSION_5_FusionQA/Test_173080/_TestInfo/_DesStep.Rcd
   A /PROJECTS/QC_PRODUCTION_FUSION_5_FusionQA/Test_173080/_TestInfo/_Params.Rcd
   A /PROJECTS/QC_PRODUCTION_FUSION_5_FusionQA/Test_173080/_TestInfo/_Test.Rcd

[root@dadbcu09 qcfusion]# svn co -r 142001 file:///misc_sourcectrl01/svnrepositories/qcfusion/PROJECTS/QC_PRODUCTION_FUSION_5_FusionQA/Test_173080
A    Test_173080/
A    Test_173080/_AttachRep
A    Test_173080/_AttachRep/_DesAttach.Rcd
A    Test_173080/_AttachRep/_TestAttach.Rcd
A    Test_173080/_TestInfo
A    Test_173080/_TestInfo/_Test.Rcd
A    Test_173080/_TestInfo/_Params.Rcd
A    Test_173080/_TestInfo/_DesStep.Rcd
Checked out revision 142001.
[root@dadbcu09 qcfusion]# du -sk Test_173080
180     Test_173080
[root@dadbcu09 qcfusion]#

Thanks for any help with this,



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