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From Florian Seydoux <>
Subject Re: null user passed to pre-revprop-change when using WebDAV
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2009 11:47:46 GMT
James Ralston wrote:
> [...]
> Instead of passing in the user to the hook script, Subversion passed
> in a null string.

I have exactly the same buggy behavior.
(cf. also

 * Debian Gnu/Linux 5.0
 * subversion-1.6.4 (from backport)
 * apache-2.2.9

As the user isn't present on my apache's access log, I think James is
right (or it's even not sent by the client?);
anyway, it sound like a bug, not listed (?) on the buddy issue tracker,
and I didn't see anything about it on the CHANGES for 1.6.5 & 1.6.6;
anyhow, if someone can verify that point with the latest release...(?)

so, is it a bug, or an issue in my (our) configuration?



Seydoux Florian, PhD
 [ c.f. ]

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