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From Robin <>
Subject svn: Error resolving case of:
Date Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:57:42 GMT
Good Morning!

I am having an issue with the Windows cli SVN client.  I was doing a
dry run of a merge from a development branch to the trunk using:

svn merge --dry-run -r9440:9647 branches/branch1/ trunk/

when I got an error regarding a failure to access a temp file.  From
Windows I got a warning that there was corrupted data on the disk.  So
I did a reboot and it automatically chkdsk'd my drive fixing several

After this was complete I tried running:

svn merge --dry-run -r9440:9647 branches/branch1/ trunk/

again without success, but this time I get this error:  svn: Error
resolving case of: '-r9440:9647'

If I run svn diff --summarize -r9440:9647 branches/branch1 as I did
previous to the merge command I get the same error.

My first instinct was to re-install the SVN Client (which I did) and I
deleted and re-checked out working copies of the development branch
and trunk.  All with no change in the result.

I have attempted searching Google and several lists without any results.

Any help would be appreciated!



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