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From Ryan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: svn log and peg revision
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 13:30:27 GMT

On Dec 17, 2009, at 07:25, Richard Carlsson wrote:

> I was trying to log a revision range of a branch that has been
> moved around a bit: it exists in HEAD under its current name,
> but has previously had another name and been under a different
> directory layout. But I got the following strange behavour:
>> svn log -rA:B http://.../branches/foo@HEAD
>  svn: Unable to find repository location for 'http://.../branches/foo'
> in revision B
> I expected svn log to look up the branch using @HEAD, and then
> give me the log messages for that branch (regardless of it
> being renamed) for any revisions between A and B inclusive.
> However, it seems that no matter what I specify as peg revision,
> I get the same error message if A or B are not referring to
> a revision where the branch existed under that name. Is it
> just me who thinks this is odd? A bug, maybe?
> (Using svn version 1.6.5.)

This ticket says this should work as of Subversion 1.4.0:

So if it doesn't work in 1.6.5, something may have gotten broken along the way.

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