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From Chris Coleman <>
Subject Re: Network Repository - user with 'read only' access - \format file security
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 15:40:59 GMT
Olivier Sannier wrote:

>This last message comes from the Windows security modules, most likely
because the computer is not on the same domain or because the time is
different between the server and the client.

This is a very good suggestion. This partner is coming from a network
outside of our own, and the security of Windows server may be an issue. I
plan on asking our support team about this right away.

BOb Archer wrote:

>are you not running apache or svnserve on your subversion server to provide
shared access to the repository without giving users rights on the
subversion server?

No, we are not running Apache nor svnserve. Unfortunately we have chosen to
only allow local access (which is now becoming a problem).

Do you agree that the user having Read Only permission to the repo directory
should allow him to check out projects? I will update again once the Windows
Security issue has been addressed.

-Chris Coleman
Java Developer

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