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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: future of our "experimental" features
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2020 16:06:47 GMT
Stefan Sperling wrote:
> So it sounds like we have consensus on the following:
> * x-wc-copy-mods should simply be moved out of experimental status

Although I previously said so in this thread, I am not sure.

It should probably be called "wc-diff-and-patch".

As a user-level command, I'm sure it has rough edges and lacks 
complementary features and options that one might wish to find.  For 
example, it probably should support all the "diff" options that make 
sense and all the "patch" options that make sense.

If we had a category of "plumbing" commands (like git does) I'd put it 
there.  It *potentially* has uses as a user-level "porcelain" command, 
but the reason it is exposed is not primarily for that, rather it's 
exposed because it exercises two important new plumbing APIs.

I'm not really comfortable about adding it in the main UI.  As I said 
before, "it doesn't fit neatly into the existing command-line UI 
functions and command names".

It doesn't feel like this is part of "stabilization".

So I suggest to keep it "experimental".

> * shelving should be reverted to v1 or hidden at compile- or run-time

I can't commit to reverting the shelving to v1 (or v2).  I might have a 
go at that some point, and maybe it won't be too hard, but I can't 
promise I can fit that in in any particular time scale.

> * viewspec (in svn info) should be hidden at compile- or run-time
> Given the release target date for 1.14 (April) we should be creating
> a release branch within the next two weeks at the latest. Otherwise,
> we are likely going to miss the 4-week soak window on time for April.
> Is anyone able to perform the work necessary for our experimental
> features above? I do consider this topic a release blocker, so if
> it isn't dealt with soon then we would either have to delay 1.14 or
> decide to release with experimental features as-is.

I did already make the experimental features hidden by default in "svn 
help"; and revealed with "-v" option.

We don't necessarily need more than that.

If we do want to go further in hiding them, I suggest the next step is:

* create a ~/subversion/config setting to opt-in to enabling 
experimental features;

* disable the experimental commands/options (shelving, viewspec, 
wc-copy-mods) unless that flag is enabled.

However, I can't think of any specific reason why that's really 
important.  Can anyone?

- Julian

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