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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: PMCs: any Hackathon requests? (deadline 11 October)
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2019 09:13:19 GMT
Moving this thread to dev@ as it should be public [1].

See my responses inline.

> Sally Khudairi <> wrote:
>> We received an email from hackCBS 2.0, a hackathon that will be taking place 19-20
October at the University of Delhi with 700+ students.
>> They are interested in our participation by providing a list of tasks from various
Apache projects for them to work on.
>> If you would like to submit a list of work areas, please let me know your interest
and forward your list(s) no later than 11 October.
> Johan Corveleyn wrote:
>> Nathan Hartman wrote:
>>> We should totally take advantage of this hackathon request, if at all feasible.
>> I'm not sure if we will be able to get enough attention, but there's
>> no harm in trying. Some ideas are listed on
>> But of course there are many other possible suggestions (perhaps some
>> more fresh ideas, appealing to University students, ...).
> I propose to reply to Sally's message with something along the
> following lines, pending thoughts / suggestions / criticisms...
> Opportunities for new devs must not slip through our fingers!
> [[[
> [...] 
> The Apache Subversion PMC is always interested in attracting new
> developers to the project.
> Between our 'ideas' page and issue tracker, we have some opportunities
> [...] 
> ]]]

Johan Corveleyn wrote:
> Nathan Hartman wrote:
>> Daniel Shahaf wrote:
>>> I read Sally's request as asking for a (reviewed/edited) list of tasks,
>>> not just asking each project to tell her where their issue tracker is.  Seeing
>>> as the duration of the hackathon is two days, perhaps linking to the
>>> "bite-sized" label could work, though?
>> I agree.
>> Can we come up with 2 or 3 suggested tasks? I'll go first: I nominate
> Ah, that one :-). Note that Neels Hofmeyr did work on a design for
> that back in 2011 (see
> You can
> also find several discussion threads about it in 2011 if you search
> for "svn:hold".

That's a bad choice because it's a new feature that isn't clearly agreed 
and defined, so it requires proposing and debating a design and all its 
interactions with existing behaviour.

We're in a period where we should be working instead toward stability 
and availability.

> Another potential task might be: overhaul of our website, for which I
> think you had some ideas, right, Nathan? Maybe someone with web design
> skills might be able to do part of the work (under your guidance)?

A subtask of that might be suitable.

> Another suggestion:
> (SVN viewspec feature)
> We now have "svn info --x-viewspec classic|svn11". We need a
> corresponding way to "consume" viewspecs (e.g. "svn update
> --apply-viewspec some.spec" [...]

I would consider that more of a missing feature, and so potentially 
something I'd like us to do, but unfortunately it requires deep 
understanding and careful changing of the core APIs.

- Julian

[1] This discussion should have been public from the start.  Generally 
one would need to ask all participants before making it public, but in 
this case I'm confident we'll agree and it's just that unfortunately 
Sally sent it to private@ by default, as an easy way of contacting all 
the PMCs.  See a long thread about the problem, with nobody agreeing to 
do anything about it, on 2018-08-23 "Keeping 
PMC communications public when possible":

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