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From Branko Čibej <>
Subject Re: Subversion 1.13.0 up for testing/signing
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2019 07:30:10 GMT
On 25.10.2019 11:49, Julian Foad wrote:
> The 1.13.0 release artifacts are now available for testing/signing.
> Please get the tarballs from
> and add your signatures there.
> *** There is no change from 1.13.0-rc1 except version number and date
> of rolling. If you wish, you may consider that checking the tarballs
> are correctly formed and have just that diff against -rc1 is
> sufficient to sign them.

[From IRC]

(brane)	JulianF: ' check-sigs' no longer works as it used to. it just exits with
no output.
(brane)	it used to print the names of the files and a summary of all the signatures found
(JulianF)	brane: It needs to find the right files in the right place...
(JulianF)	brane: It looks in 'deploy' subdir of '.' by default. Use '--base-dir' or '--target'
(JulianF)	Works for me.
(JulianF)	Possibly I changed something of how '--base-dir' or '--target' works in one of the
latest few changes to it. Not sure.

[From my laptop]

brane@zulu:~/src/svn/rel/dist-dev$ ../../repos/trunk/tools/dist/ check-sigs 1.13.0
--target .
usage: [-h] [--clean] [--verbose] [--base-dir BASE_DIR]
                  [--target TARGET] [--branch BRANCH] [--username USERNAME]
                  ... error: unrecognized arguments: --target .


Possibly you indeed did change something of how '--target' works.
Actually you seem to have changed how argument parsing works in general,
because I have to move the --target argument before the check-sigs
command to make this work again. It used to works so that options could
be interspersed with commands in any order.

Well ... not that important to fix, but it's sort of unexpected.

-- Brane

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