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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: Make check with different client and server versions
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2019 15:33:53 GMT
+1. I'd like to support us doing this.

Nathan Hartman wrote:
> How would we do this?

As a starting point, for each client version to be tested, the new 
multi-combination test driver should:

   * Run the regression test suite that is supplied with that client 
version.  (This will be easiest because most variation is associated 
with client side changes.)

   * Tell the test suite ("make check") which server version to expect.

This is partly done: the Python and C tests take an argument

     Set the minor version for the server ('3'..'14')

   or, for the C tests, docs apparently not updated recently:
     set the minor version for the server ('3', '4', '5', or '6')

I'm not sure exactly how one sets up the server appropriately, before 
running with that option, for various kinds of server.  Maybe 'make 
check' and/or 'make svnserveautocheck' and/or 'make davautocheck' have 
ways to specify how to find and run the desired server version.  We'll 
probably need to check and update that.

Ideally, later, the tests should also be divided or tagged so we can 
select sets of tests:
   - client-server tests
   - client-only tests
   - server-only tests
because we could then eliminate running redundant sets.  Initially, that 
isn't critical.

> (1) Which versions are we interested in cross-testing in this manner?

Start with a simple fixed set, such as

   - (client: trunk, server: 1.10)
   - (client: 1.10, server: trunk)

Review later, once that's working.

(I suggested 1.10 there because it's the most recent LTS version, but 
the important thing is just to start with something.)

> (2) How do we handle differences between versions?
> Is the test driver program supposed to contain knowledge of these 
> differences and prevent some of the tests from running under certain 
> combinations of client and server versions?

Annotate the tests according to what server versions they require.

This is at least partly done.  The test suite already uses conditionals like

   if svntest.main.options.server_minor_version < 9:

I'm not sure if this is already done everywhere it needs to be.  I would 
expect to see some of the Python "decorators" such as


using "server_minor_version" but I don't see any.

> (3) How do we handle dependencies?

Initially: whatever works.  Probably neatest to install the dependencies 
for each built version of Subversion into a location dedicated to that 
version of Subversion, so they don't affect each other and don't affect 
the rest of the system.

- Julian

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