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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: Cross compiling build instructions
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2019 20:16:28 GMT
Robert Dailey wrote:
> I am trying to cross-compile the subversion library for Android using
> the Android NDK.

I would love to see a successful Android build of svn client (and/or of 
a svn server).

Just to set your expectations: as far as I am aware, nobody has 
previously been talking about it here.

(The only FOSS Android svn client I know of is the still functioning but 
primitive and long-abandoned "OASVN" [1][2] which, IIRC is built on (an 
old version of) SvnKit rather than on the svn C libraries.)


> I have the toolchain properly set up, I think, but
> I'm getting a strange error during `./configure`:
> ```
> checking build system type... x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
> checking host system type... configure: error: /bin/bash
> build/config.sub --prefix=/_install/armeabi-v7a/subversion failed
> configure: WARNING: cache variable ac_cv_host contains a newline
> ```

Seems likely we should be able to diagnose that.

> I'm not sure how to interpret this error message. Here is how I'm
> running the configure command:
> ```
> ./configure --host --prefix=/_install/armeabi-v7a/subversion
> --with-zlib=/_install/armeabi-v7a/zlib
> ```

Don't you need to specify "--host=<SOMETHING>" rather than just "--host"?

Yes... My quick test on Linux gives the same error you see.  It is 
interpreting "--prefix=/_install/armeabi-v7a/subversion" as the host 
name argument to the "--host" option.  :-)

- Julian

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