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From "Eric S. Raymond" <>
Subject Re: Creating directory copy operations in a dump stream
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2019 10:19:41 GMT
Johan Corveleyn <>:
> - Just guessing here, but perhaps the problem with your test is that
> your working copy is "mixed-revision" after you added the three files.
> I.e. the 'trunk' directory is a revision behind, after you added the
> three files. See if it makes a difference if you do "svn up $wc_root"
> before performing the "svn copy trunk branches/stable".

That did the trick, thanks.

For your entertainment, here's how the test koad generator now looks:

## General test load for ancestry-chasing logic

while getopts dv opt
    case $opt in
	d) dump=yes;;
	v) verbose=stdout;;

trap 'rm -fr test-repo test-checkout' 0 1 2 15 

svnaction () {
    if [ ! -f $filename ]
	if [ ! -d `dirname $filename` ]
	    mkdir `dirname $filename`
	    svn add `dirname $filename`
        echo "$content" >$filename
	svn add $filename
        echo "$content" >$filename
    svn commit -m "$comment" $filename

set -e
make svn-branchy
cd test-checkout
# Content operations start here
svnaction "trunk/foo.txt" "Now is the time." "More example content" 
svnaction "trunk/bar.txt" "For all good men." "Example content in different file" 
svnaction "trunk/baz.txt" "to come to the aid of their country." "And in yet another file"
svn up  # Without this, the next copy does file copies.  With it, a directory copy. 
svn copy trunk branches/stable
svn commit -m "First directory copy"
svnaction "trunk/foo.txt" "Whether tis nobler in the mind." "Hamlet the Dane said this"
svnaction "trunk/bar.txt" "or to take arms against a sea of troubles" "He continued"
svnaction "trunk/baz.txt" "and by opposing end them" "The build-up"
svnaction "trunk/foo.txt" "to be,"  "Famous soliloquy begins"
svnaction "branches/foo.txt" "or not to be." "And continues"
svn up
svn copy trunk tags/1.0
svn commit -m "First tag copy"
# We're done
cd ..
} >/dev/$verbose 2>&1
if [ "$dump" = yes ]
    svnadmin dump -q test-repo

This will get longer and include the most perverse combinations of
deletes and copies I can dream up. The point, of course, is to
torture-test my Subversion dump analyzer.

I have a fairly nice gallmaufry of static stream dumps I've gathered
or made by hand over the years; being able to generate them easily
will be helpful.
		<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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