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From "Daniel Shahaf" <>
Subject Re: Issue tracker housecleaning: SVN-1722
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2019 08:01:28 GMT
Nathan Hartman wrote on Wed, 16 Oct 2019 04:47 +00:00:
> Is it sensible to add a regression test?

Yes, unless other tests already cover this.

Such tests would probably be either in or in subversion/tests/libsvn_diff/.

In general, Python tests may be tagged with «@Issue(1722)» decorators,
but lack of such a decorator doesn't mean there are no tests for this
issue.  Other tests may exist, as well as tests for this specific issue
that predate the @Issue decorator.

> If so, should I wait until after the Py3 work in progress on the
> test suite?

No need to wait.  Any new tests should pass under Python 3, but I doubt
you'll even have to test that explicitly — SVN-1722 doesn't look like an
issue whose test would involve bytes/str differences, or any other
py2/py3 differences.

Which reminds me: it'd be nice to set up a buildbot to run the build and
test process under Python 3. Any committer can edit the buildbot
scripts[1], but the question is which of the buildbot slaves has Python 3




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