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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Incremental svn_delta_path_driver
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2019 12:53:58 GMT
Julian Foad wrote on 2019-01-16:
> Does the attached patch look reasonable? It provides an incremental 
> version of the existing svn_delta_path_driver2() function, in which the 
> caller can provide one path at a time instead of all at once at the 
> start.

It's now committed and debugged:

* svn_delta_path_driver_start
* svn_delta_path_driver_step -- drives the editor to a new path
* svn_delta_path_driver_finish

And the all-at-once path driver is slightly upgraded: the new version svn_delta_path_driver3()
passes the 'editor' and 'edit_baton' to the callback, which makes most implementations a bit

> We have a few (5 ~ 10) uses of svn_delta_path_driver2() in our codebase 
> and I think a few more places already where an incremental path driver 
> could be used if it existed, in addition to me now wanting to use it in 
> "unshelve"

Only used in "unshelve", so far, and I might soon replace that with something else for Shelving
v3, but I'm sure it will be useful anyway.

- Julian

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