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From Mark Phippard <>
Subject Re: Display outstanding backported fixes for each release?
Date Sat, 15 Dec 2018 21:22:52 GMT
> On Dec 15, 2018, at 3:47 PM, Julian Foad <> wrote:
> Mark Phippard wrote:
>>>> On Dec 15, 2018, at 2:47 PM, Julian Foad <> wrote:
>>>> Branko ─îibej wrote:
>>>> But before we start on something I'd like to see some proposals on query
>>>> language, so that we don't implement ourselves into a corner. I'd
>>>> propose this as a starting point:
>>> Yes. To be clear, I was rather intending this suggestion might be taken
>> as a nudge towards developing some structured queries. [...]
>> Just a meta comment ...
>> I am not 100% clear what you would like to see, [...]
> Well, two things:
> (1) an up-to-date public listing of what's pending on the release branches;
> (2) development of structured queries, of any and all kinds, in Subversion.
> These are very much different goals. The first is what I started this thread for -- to
add visibility of what we are doing and what users can expect. This info should be simply
generated, rather raw, not highly curated.

I am just saying these are both still pretty vague.

1. You are talking about the website right?  So I am saying throw together the HTML that shows
what you want to see.  Maybe that will stimulate some ideas.  I am just saying for me, as
more of just a user than you are, I would not care about seeing commits.  I would want something
higher level (like a Jira issue) for it to be of value to me.

2. Again vague. Isn't svn log a query?  I am sure what you are thinking is not vague to you.
 Maybe if we could see what you were thinking for the previous point then the sort of thing
you are looking for here would be more clear.

I am also not clear whose itch you are scratching here.  If you are thinking about SVN users
wanting to follow the project, I think higher level info would be needed.  If you are just
trying to build something for the SVN devs then that would be different but that is where
the website part of this would be throwing me off as I cannot envision many of the SVN devs
using it.

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