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From Branko Čibej <>
Subject Re: Checkpointing v1 design -- terminology
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 09:40:29 GMT
On 06.11.2017 17:30, Julian Foad wrote:
> The key point I am making here is the "topic" we're talking about in
> these commands is the "changelist" rather than the "savepoint" which
> is merely a stored version of a changelist.

All our current commands that use changelists use them as an alias for a
set of targets. Instead of 'svn commit foo bar baz' you'd say 'svn
commit --changelist fbb'.

Your proposal elevates changelists to a status that they do not
currently have in the client, and makes their usage inconsistent with
the rest of the command line. You might as well propose

    svn changelist commit
    svn changelist diff
    svn changelist switch

and so on. Whether that would be a good idea is not the issue here: the
issue is consistency, and (possibly) backwards-compatibility. And the
rather important detail that changelists cannot be associated with

Changelists were always a sort of afterthought ... unless you plan to
elevate them to first-class concepts across the whole command-line, I
recommend that the shelve/save/whatnot commands simply accept a
--changelist option and not complicate further. That this doesn't
preclude populating a changelist when a shelved change is restored.

On another note: changelists with checkpoints make no sense IMO; a
checkpoint should save and restore the state of the whole working copy.
Shelved changes are different. Their internal representation may be the
same, but the semantics are not.

-- Brane

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