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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: Server-side SavePoints
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2017 11:06:25 GMT
Just picking up on one small point here...

Daniel J. Lacks, PhD wrote:
>>> The stash would work similar to a commit
>>> except it would check-in code perhaps in a hidden or protected branch
>>> [...]
>> Making namespaces of branches that are 'hidden' or 'protected' is 
>> something that can potentially be done with server authz rules, but is 
>> this important for you? Why? [...]
> [...]  Configuring authz rules is not something the typical user [...]

Completely agree. What I meant was: Do you really need these stashes to 
be 'hidden' or 'protected'? Why, what for? Do the authz rules provide 
the semantics you need? (If so, we could build this in to the feature.)

My take on this is that "I don't want my private work to be seen by 
everybody by default" and "other people shouldn't be able to write to MY 
shelves area" are the sort of reactions that potential users have, that 
aren't real requirements. Another is "I don't want my repository growing 
bigger and bigger with temporary work; I need these to be completely 
deleted". That one is totally different and has huge implications for 
the design, but again I think it is a bogus "requirement" that is really 
only a nice-to-have.

I can only think of these in the abstract, so far. If your real-life 
experience sheds light on them, that would be very valuable input.

- Julian

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