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From "Daniel J. Lacks, PhD" <>
Subject Subversion Design Contribution Question
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2017 20:27:23 GMT

I recently signed up to the Apache Wiki for Subversion as DanielLacks, though I have been
using SVN for years. I am interested in the design topic for SavePoints.  I was wondering
if anyone considered server-side stashes instead of client-side? The stash would work similar
to a commit except it would check-in code perhaps in a hidden or protected branch within the
svn:stash workspace. This would allow developers to not only swap workspaces, but to swap
them across multiple physical machines or VMs. It is also possible to share those changes
with others as well, for example the basic commands to show SavePoints may only show your
save points, but perhaps there can be an optional argument to show anyone’s SavePoints either
on your branch or any branch. I imagine that swapping to a SavePoint would first work like
a switch command to get you to the same point you were (optionally), then a pseudo-merge command
to grab the changes and copy them into your local directory.  It seems like such a capability
may be built reusing some existing functionality. 

Do you think someone is interested in the discussion?  How would one go about having that


Daniel J. Lacks, PhD

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