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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: Checkpointing v1 design -- terminology
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 15:15:33 GMT
Branko Čibej wrote:
> On 06.11.2017 17:30, Julian Foad wrote:
>> The key point I am making here is the "topic" we're talking about in
>> these commands is the "changelist" rather than the "savepoint" which
>> is merely a stored version of a changelist.
> All our current commands that use changelists use them as an alias for a
> set of targets. [...]
> Your proposal elevates changelists to a status that they do not
> currently have in the client, and makes their usage inconsistent with
> the rest of the command line. You might as well propose
>      svn changelist commit
>      svn changelist diff
>      svn changelist switch
> and so on. Whether that would be a good idea is not the issue here: the
> issue is consistency, and (possibly) backwards-compatibility.

I absolutely am considering elevating the status of changelists to that 
level, yes! That makes a very good model in my opinion.

> And the
> rather important detail that changelists cannot be associated with
> directories.

Yes, that's noted as a needed enhancement.

> Changelists were always a sort of afterthought ...

Indeed, that made me sad from their beginning. And what better 
opportunity to at last make a plan to improve them?

> unless you plan to
> elevate them to first-class concepts across the whole command-line, I
> recommend that the shelve/save/whatnot commands simply accept a
> --changelist option and not complicate further. That this doesn't
> preclude populating a changelist when a shelved change is restored.
> On another note: changelists with checkpoints make no sense IMO; a
> checkpoint should save and restore the state of the whole working copy.
> Shelved changes are different. Their internal representation may be the
> same, but the semantics are not.

Why do you think 'checkpointing' your work should be across the whole WC 
whereas 'shelving' it should not? I can see how 'checkpoint your whole 
WC' has a utility, sure, but no more so than 'shelve your whole WC'. I 
think it makes a great deal of sense to checkpoint a unit of work rather 
than the whole WC, and to work towards elevating 'changelist' to fulfil 
that role.

- Julian

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