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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: Shelving v1 -- move to trunk?
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2017 12:35:16 GMT
On 03.11.2017 23:25, Julian Foad wrote:
> How would you all feel about moving the 'shelve' work to trunk?
> Stefan Kueng today asked a good question in relation to my colleague's
> enquiry about creating a 'shelve branch' version of TortoiseSVN [1]:
>> Do we really need two versions?
>> What's stopping you from merging the shelving stuff in the svn
>> repository back to trunk? From what I can see, it's pretty stable
>> already, and most importantly even if it's not stable it wouldn't
>> affect any existing features.
>> If you can't merge those back on the svn trunk, then maybe we could
>> switch the TSVN trunk to link to the svn shelve branch instead, and
>> you could merge your TSVN shelve branch back to trunk.
>> The TSVN nightly builds are there for a reason: to test out new
>> features and get feedback. And as I said: those are new commands
>> which won't affect any existing features users might depend on. So
>> it's safe to include those in the nightly builds.
> From initial experimentation, we have made a smooth transition to
> something that we -- at least we at Assembla -- are ready to offer to
> real users to try out the first step on this road.
> It is currently my job to develop this so I can commit resources to
> continuing it.
> If I fix it up to meet our coding standards, and given that it has no
> impact on other areas (so in the last resort is easy to pull out or
> disable), is there any objection to continuing the 'shelving' work on
> trunk? If not, I plan to do this in a few days.
> I will do some "fixing up" in readiness right away, anyway.

Sure, if you're confident that trunk will still pass tests as before.
Please mark any new APIs experimental and possibly wrap the command-line
exposure in an #ifdef -- maybe off by default, or only on by default
only in maintainer mode?

-- Brane

P.S.: I see the svn_client__mtcc_ functions are still private in a
public header. We should do something about that for 1.10.

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