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From "Daniel J. Lacks, PhD" <>
Subject Re: Subversion Design Contribution Question
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2017 03:09:15 GMT
Sounds like a good idea Paul, something I did not think of.


On 11/1/2017 4:37 AM, Paul Hammant wrote:
> I'm also interested in standardized server-side handling of such 
> things for a different reason to the one you state - code reviews. 
> Well outside the purview of vanilla Subversion for sure, but a feature 
> that the portal vendors have or are coding themselves. I've a love of 
> Trunk-Based Development and got to see the code review system that 
> Google built for themselves around Perforce (Subversion was partially 
> inspired by Perforce back in 2000). Developers at their workstations 
> would declare 'done', and initiate code review. The changelist and 
> some metainfo would be zipped up and pulled to somewhere central. The 
> bulk of the workflow is in the UI Guido Van Rossum led at Google and 
> showcases in (2006). Post 
> code review (and CI added metrics) the change-list could be 
> reconstituted and committed (submitted in Perforce lang).  It is the 
> humble little save point that facilitates the 25,000 developers 
> co-existing in one trunk with Piper (their 2012 replacement to 
> Perforce) and ultimately bots integrating (Martin Fowler's preferred 
> language for merge to trunk/master/mainline when practicing CI) change 
> sets ever few seconds.
> I'm much less interested in workflows where I'm sharing something by 
> that mechanism for others to work on, as that's not Trunk-Based 
> Development.
> -ph

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