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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: Error E140001: Sum of subblock sizes larger than total block content length
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2017 17:05:22 GMT
Julian Foad wrote:
> (dropping users@)
> Julian Foad wrote:
>> The attached patch should fix it; not yet tested.

Proposed for backport to 1.8.x.

- Julian

> I have opened
> and attached the patch there. (Patch v2 is same as v1 but with tweaked 
> log message.)
> We briefly discussed testing. It's a pretty obvious fix, but ideally we 
> would write a regression test. We don't want to store 2 GB* of temporary 
> data during a test run (that would make testing onerous) so we would 
> need to write a test that generates data, streams it to the rdump 'dump' 
> function, pipes that into the rdump 'load', and checks that it parses 
> without throwing errors, without storing the loaded data.
> Anyone interested in writing such a test?
>    * Actually we should test with over 4 GB because as well as the "%ld" 
> bug I found and fixed a "%lu" bug in nearby code at the same time.
> - Julian

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