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From Johan Corveleyn <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Shelving and Checkpointing
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2017 13:26:24 GMT
On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 2:59 PM, Julian Foad <> wrote:
> Dear Subversion Developers,
> I am delighted to announce that I am working with Assembla to develop
> shelving and checkpointing functionality in Subversion. These have
> been on the wish list for many years, and are becoming ever more in
> demand since the popularity of git is making more users appreciate the
> benefits of local operations.
> Based on our many discussions in the past, along with a fresh look at
> how other VCS's implement these features, I have written down the
> requirements and started working on a design in the document
> Shelving-Checkpointing Dev [1]. I will follow up with an HTML email
> containing a copy of today's version. I invite you to leave comments
> directly in Google Docs, or send them by reply here, as you prefer.
> I will be the project lead on this within Assembla. I will regularly
> demonstrate small increments of functionality, which will also act as
> calls for feedback. We want to keep the scope quite small to get it
> done as quickly as possible.
> Please read through and if you are able to contribute with any
> suggestions or practical help, that would be wonderful. Thanks!
> - Julian
> References:
>    [1] Shelving-Checkpointing Dev doc. (J Foad)

Hi Julian,

That's great news! I hope this will give Subversion some much needed
extra momentum (together with the tree conflict resolution
improvements of 1.10). Indeed, these "local / offline" features have
been on many people's wish list for a long time.

I've quickly scanned your google docs, but have to go through them in
some more detail. I'll try to dig into them and give some feedback if
I can.

One thing that crossed my mind: a nice additional feature that
probably could be built on top of shelving would be "partial commit"
(committing only some hunks out of a modified file). I've recently
looked up past discussions about this, in response to a post on
users@. See my response with a lot of references here:
(For the "partial commit" feature, start reading below "Is there an
option to inspect each file further line-by-line for lines that have
changed to either be selected or excluded from the commit?")

As I explained in that post, TortoiseSVN has implemented this in some
way with what they call "restore after commit" [1].

So I imagine we could do the same by (1) making the user select some
lines he wants to commit; (2) shelve the modifications that were not
selected; (3) commit; (4) unshelve. We even have a command line UI
(sort of) for selecting lines out of a diff, namely the UI stsp
created for handling text conflicts interactively.

Just a thought ... Of course fleshing out the fundamentals of the
Shelving and Checkpointing features in the first place will be most



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