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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Expected speed of commit over HTTP?
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2017 11:54:36 GMT
For something that's 500MB in size (random binary data) I'm experiencing
commits taking
10x longer than a straight copy to the drive the Svn repo is on.

Both timings are on the same Ubuntu 17.04 machine, with the boot drive
being the starting position of the 512MB file and a USB3 mounted 4TB
seagate hard drive being the destination.

My goal is to fill the 4TB drive with commits for the simple experience of

How many places in the Apache2 --> mod_dav --> mod_dav_svn handoff does the
512MB temporarily manifest itself in a file system on the way to its
ultimate destination?  Is 1/10th speed the expectation?  Sure, I get that
7bit/8bit shenanigans are a factor, but not that much right?

- Paul

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