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From "Andreas Stieger" <>
Subject Re: translations
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2017 13:16:35 GMT

> I just noticed we are already in Apache's Pootle:
> with German as the only translation language so far.

I set this up during my last translation round. 

> Are we using Pootle correctly and efficiently for the German 
> translation?

It worked sufficiently well for strings that have no special formatting requirements. It also
worked well for out-of-band changes, e.g. merging items translated locally with those translated
in Pootle.

For anything that includes non-trivial help output and special formatting, I found it to be

> What do we have to do, to start using it more fully?

Regular local scan of trunk, uploading it to Pootle, translating/review, and commit into source.
> For a first step, could we usefully do something like transmit the .pot 
> file to Pootle instead of checking it in to our source tree? Would that 
> be better?

You would not use the .pot but the .po, so as to not loose existing translations.
For other translations: setting them up in Pootle, I did not want to presume that other po
maintainers would want to do that.

Pootle has automation opportunities of scanning the code base, have not explored.

Is that something we want to kick off for the next release?


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