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From Stefan <>
Subject [PATCH] add support for zlibstat.lib in install-layout for Windows
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2017 02:15:52 GMT

the zlib project's visual studio file creates static libraries named
zlibstat.lib by default. Atm SVN supports this, if it determines zlib is
in source-layout, but doesn't support it, if it determines files are in
install-layout (the detection being based on whether the zlib-path
contains an include-directory or not).

I think it would be neat, if SVN could handle also the
zlibstat.lib-named library (since it's a default name for the static
zlib library on Windows). The attached patch adds that support.

Add support for zlibstat.lib-named zlib static libraries for Windows
builds in

* build/generator/
  (_find_zlib): check for zlibstat.lib, when determining the zlib
library name


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