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From Branko Čibej <>
Subject Re: Low level of activity
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2017 21:22:23 GMT
On 05.02.2017 22:02, Stefan wrote:
> On 2/5/2017 15:45, Stefan Fuhrmann wrote:
>> On 04.02.2017 17:53, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
>>> I wrote the following in a thread on private@, but the issue need not be
>>> discussed confidentially:
>>> Daniel Shahaf wrote on Fri, Feb 03, 2017 at 18:05:27 +0000:
>>>> I've noticed that some threads don't happen.
>>>> Examples:
>>>> - stefan2 solicited reviews of his authz branch.  None happened.
>>>> - SVN-4670 was filed with a trivial patch.  Nothing happened.
>>>> What worries me isn't the reduced activity — that's to be expected —
>>>> but
>>>> the complete *lack* of activity around these and other threads.  That
>>>> activity level is lower than I would expect, even taking into account
>>>> that we're now mostly volunteer-run.
>> Since more or less all committers contribute in their
>> spare time these days, not only the "intensity" of
>> interaction will go down.
>> What we do see instead is that people appear to be
>> very active for a short period of time - a day or two -
>> and then become silent for a longer period of time,
>> maybe for weeks at a time. Those periods of activity
>> often don't overlap, which makes interaction harder.
>> The amount of back and forth discussion will probably
>> go down.
>> I think that as a community, we need to adapt our
>> expectations / communication to that new pattern.
>> Things that might help:
>> * Allow for at least 2 weeks of reaction time for
>>   silent consensus etc.
>> * Send an notification post to dev@ before starting
>>   some larger work - people may not follow commits
>>   closely anymore. Not as a vote or anything but simply
>>   to keep people in the loop.
>> * "Ping" a thread that you _really_ want feedback on
>>   after 2+ weeks of inactivity.
>> None of these need to be codified; they seem like
>> pretty common sense for a project with much more
>> asynchronism.
>> -- Stefan^2.
> Wouldn't it be possible to also consider getting some
> funding/sponsorship/donations?
> If enough money gets donated maybe some of the existing committers could
> arrange something with their dayjobs (as in being able to work like 20%
> on SVN) and therefore be able to contribute more time on SVN than they
> can right now?
> Also if some specific features would be put up as examples for
> committers who would volunteer to work on a feature, that might be
> caught up by companies who are willing to pay for getting the feature
> into the subversion core (LuaJIT used that approach, for instance, quite
> successfully).

The ASF does not accept donations toward any particular project. Whilst
we might encourage companies to fund individual developers, we solicit
donations for specific features.

-- Brane

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