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From Evgeny Kotkov <>
Subject Re: Enabling FSFS debug code in alpha releases (was: Re: 1.10.0-alpha1 is up for signing)
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2017 20:55:19 GMT
Stefan Sperling <> writes:

>> 1) enabling it on trunk permanently (and disabling it on stable branches)
>> 2) tagging a wc that has the patch applied
>> 3) committing the patch to a branch and <handwave>arrange for the tag to
>> incorporate the changes from that branch</handwave>.
> 4) Encourage people to compile alpha/beta/rc with --enable-maintainer-mode.

4) seems like an appropriate option to me.

This is because we only ship the source code, and I think that those who
actually build it should be in charge of enabling or disabling the debug

Evgeny Kotkov

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