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From Stefan Kueng <>
Subject Re: translations
Date Sat, 04 Feb 2017 17:27:01 GMT

On 04.02.2017 18:16, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> Stefan Kueng wrote on Sat, Feb 04, 2017 at 17:13:06 +0100:
>> I remember there was a discussion about two years ago about using a web
>> based translation tool for Subversion (e.g.,
>> but that discussion got to no real decision.
>> For TSVN we use transifex ( which is free for
>> open source projects. Works quite well - it updates the new strings
>> automatically from our repository pot file.
> ASF has a Pootle instance:
>> Even if Subversion does not move to use such a web based tool: how about
>> providing the source pot file in the repository which should be updated
>> frequently so translators can use that file without having to install and
>> parse the whole svn source?
> I'd certainly be willing to consider changes to make people's workflows
> easier, but what reason do we have to project that changing the workflow
> will result in more translation work getting done?  No existing or
> prospective translator has asked dev@ to change our workflow.

Well, to even have prospective translators, there would have to be at 
least *some* indication on the website that svn can/should be translated.
And always remember that translators usually are users, not developers.

In TSVN, we rarely have a translator send any email to the list - they 
just sign up on the website and start translating, without contacting us 

> (To clarify, I'm not objecting; simply seeking clarification.)
> For reference, the process today is:
> .
>     svn co svn-trunk
>     cd svn-trunk
>     tools/po/
>     <edit>
>     <send a patch>

the problem here is the third line: that won't work on Windows, which 
I'd say most svn users use.

So why not at least have a developer do that once every week and then 
the translators would only have to checkout/update the subversion/po dir 
and start translating from there.

>> I'm bringing this up again since I noticed that the existing translations
>> are very old and outdated. And since TSVN is fully translated in many
>> languages, the new conflict resolver UI would still show the English strings
>> since they now come from the svn lib.
> Well, of course more translations would be a good thing.  Perhaps some
> of the TSVN translators could translate Subversion itself as well?  It
> would be great if they could join this thread.

I'm sure they would, if it was as easy as it is with TSVN.


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