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From Stefan <>
Subject [PATCH] Fix for SVN 1.8 with sqlite >= 3.12.0 and VS 2005+
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 22:13:55 GMT

building SVN 1.8 using sqlite >= SQLite 3.12.0 (amalgamation) and VS
2005+ raises the following error:

[...]\sqlite\sqlite3.c(42437): error C4013: 'rand_s' undefined; assuming
extern returning int

The issue does not exist in SVN != 1.8 as far as I see. Full details
available here:

The attached patch (based on the patch fixing the related issue in 1.7)
resolves that by moving the sqlite3.c-include section to be first
include statement in the file.

If it's ok, I'll just add a 1.8 backport branch and nominate it for
backporting to the 1.8-branch.


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