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From Bert Huijben <>
Subject RE: [PATCH/RFC] use-sasl=true in --without-sasl builds: make that a fatalerror?
Date Sat, 30 Apr 2016 07:43:02 GMT
Isn’t this a documented default value?

If it is, changing the behavior will likely break many users that don’t use sasl.


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From: Daniel Shahaf
Sent: zaterdag 30 april 2016 02:53
Subject: [PATCH/RFC] use-sasl=true in --without-sasl builds: make that a fatalerror?

Currently, if use-sasl=true is set in svnserve.conf but svnserve was
compiled without SASL support, SASL is silently not used.  That's
actually documented:

    ### This option specifies whether you want to use the Cyrus SASL
    ### library for authentication. Default is false.
    ### This section will be ignored if svnserve is not built with Cyrus
    ### SASL support; to check, run 'svnserve --version' and look for a line
    ### reading 'Cyrus SASL authentication is available.'
    # use-sasl = true

But documentation notwithstanding, it seems like a misfeature.  Should
we change this, so --without-sasl builds will error out if use-sasl=true
is set?  The patch would be simple enough (attached).



P.S. The 'password-db' setting is in the same boat: it's ignored
when SASL is enabled, and documented this way.  However, I'm not
convinced a change to that setting's handling is needed.

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