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From Thomas Åkesson <>
Subject Re: Merging parallel-put to /trunk
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2016 17:19:34 GMT
> I think that local commits are usually fast enough.  But committing over
> a high-latency network, e.g., with a transatlantic RTT of 150ms, can be
> painfully slow — see below.

Poor network connections are of course a very important concern, likely even more important
than some additional seconds wait when committing large files on a perfect connection.

That said, I really don’t believe in the single-POST approach. Consider how that would work
on a crappy connection when traveling on a train. TCP-connections are frequently broken, or
worse, stalling. 

Going to parallel PUTs will likely address both issues:
 - Great connection: Multi core performance, very much in line with CPU development in recent
years. Also competes better with other network traffic as more and more applications open
many TCP-connection.
 - Poor connection: High latency, whatever, the waiting time gives more space for the other
uploads (assuming that all parallel PUTs are not entirely in sync). 

Thomas Å.

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