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From Julian Foad <>
Subject An example of 'svnmover' output
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2015 12:59:08 GMT
An example of 'svnmover' output.

(This is an HTML email, because I want to show the colouring.)

+ svnmover -U $REPO/ mkbranch trunk mkdir branchesA    trunk (branch
B0.-2)A    branchesCommitted r1:   --- diff branch r0:B0:e0 at / :
r1:B0:e0 at /   A   e1      0/trunk      (branch B0.1)   A   e3
0/branches     --- added branch r1:B0.1:e2 at /trunk
+ svnmover -U $REPO/trunk mkdir no-no mkdir rm-no mkdir no-rm mkdir
mv-no mkdir no-mv mkdir rm-mv mkdir mv-rm mkdir mv-no2 mkdir no-mv2
mkdir a mkdir b mkdir orphan-parentA    trunk/no-noA    trunk/rm-noA
 trunk/no-rmA    trunk/mv-noA    trunk/no-mvA    trunk/rm-mvA
trunk/mv-rmA    trunk/mv-no2A    trunk/no-mv2A    trunk/aA    trunk/bA
   trunk/orphan-parentCommitted r2:   --- diff branch r1:B0.1:e2 at
/trunk : r2:B0.1:e2 at /trunk   A   e4      2/no-no        A   e5
2/rm-no        A   e6      2/no-rm        A   e7      2/mv-no        A
  e8      2/no-mv        A   e9      2/rm-mv        A   e10
2/mv-rm        A   e11     2/mv-no2       A   e12     2/no-mv2       A
  e13     2/a            A   e14     2/b            A   e15
+ svnmover -U $REPO/ mkdir tagsA    tagsCommitted r3:   --- diff
branch r2:B0:e0 at / : r3:B0:e0 at /   A   e16     0/tags
+ svnmover -U $REPO/ branch trunk branches/br1A+   branches/br1
(branch B0.-2)Committed r4:   --- diff branch r3:B0:e0 at / : r4:B0:e0
at /   A   e17     3/br1        (branch B0.17)   --- added branch
r4:B0.17:e2 at /branches/br1
+ svnmover -U $REPO/trunk mkdir add-no rm rm-no rm rm-mv mkdir D1 mv
mv-no D1/mv-no mv mv-rm mv-rm-D1 mv mv-no2 mv-mv-clash mv a b/a mkdir
orphan-parent/orphanA    trunk/add-noD    trunk/rm-noD    trunk/rm-mvA
   trunk/D1V    trunk/D1/mv-no (from trunk/mv-no)V    trunk/mv-rm-D1
(from trunk/mv-rm)V    trunk/mv-mv-clash (from trunk/mv-no2)V
trunk/b/a (from trunk/a)A    trunk/orphan-parent/orphanCommitted r5:
--- diff branch r4:B0.1:e2 at /trunk : r5:B0.1:e2 at /trunk   D   e5
   2/rm-no        Mv  e7     19/mv-no      (from   2/mv-no     )   D
e9      2/rm-mv        M r e10     2/mv-rm-D1   (from   2/mv-rm     )
 M r e11     2/mv-mv-clash (from   2/mv-no2    )   Mv  e13    14/a
     (from   2/a         )   A   e18     2/add-no       A   e19
2/D1           A   e20    15/orphan
+ svnmover -U $REPO/branches/br1 mkdir no-add rm no-rm rm mv-rm mkdir
D2 mv no-mv D2/no-mv-B mv rm-mv D2/rm-mv-B mv no-mv2 mv-mv-clash mv b
a/b rm orphan-parentA    branches/br1/no-addD    branches/br1/no-rmD
 branches/br1/mv-rmA    branches/br1/D2V    branches/br1/D2/no-mv-B
(from branches/br1/no-mv)V    branches/br1/D2/rm-mv-B (from
branches/br1/rm-mv)V    branches/br1/mv-mv-clash (from
branches/br1/no-mv2)V    branches/br1/a/b (from branches/br1/b)D
branches/br1/orphan-parentCommitted r6:   --- diff branch r5:B0.17:e2
at /branches/br1 : r6:B0.17:e2 at /branches/br1   D   e6      2/no-rm
      Mvr e8     22/no-mv-B    (from   2/no-mv     )   Mvr e9
22/rm-mv-B    (from   2/rm-mv     )   D   e10     2/mv-rm        M r
e12     2/mv-mv-clash (from   2/no-mv2    )   Mv  e14    13/b
(from   2/b         )   D   e15     2/orphan-parent   A   e21
2/no-add       A   e22     2/D2
+ svnmover -U $REPO/ merge trunk branches/br1 trunk@5merging into
branch B0.17merging into branch B0.17 -- finished
+ svnmover -U $REPO/ merge branches/br1 trunk trunk@5merging into
branch B0.1A    e5 rm-noD    e6 no-rmM/V  e7 mv-noM/V  e8 no-mv-BA
e9 rm-mv-BD    e10 mv-rm-D1M/V  e11 mv-no2M/V  e12 mv-mv-clashM/V  e13
aM/V  e14 bD    e15 orphan-parentD    e18 add-noD    e19 D1D    e20
orphanA    e21 no-addA    e22 D2merging into branch B0.1 --
finishedCommitted r7:   --- diff branch r6:B0.1:e2 at /trunk :
r7:B0.1:e2 at /trunk   A   e5      2/rm-no        D   e6      2/no-rm
      Mv  e7      2/mv-no      (from  19/mv-no     )   Mvr e8
22/no-mv-B    (from   2/no-mv     )   A   e9     22/rm-mv-B      D
e10     2/mv-rm-D1     M r e11     2/mv-no2     (from   2/mv-mv-clash)
  M r e12     2/mv-mv-clash (from   2/no-mv2    )   Mv  e13     2/a
      (from  14/a         )   Mv  e14    13/b          (from   2/b
    )   D   e15     2/orphan-parent   D   e18     2/add-no       D
e19     2/D1           d   e20    15/orphan       A   e21     2/no-add
      A   e22     2/D2
+ svnmover -U $REPO/ merge trunk@6 branches/br1 trunk@3merging into
branch B0.17D    e5 rm-noM/V  e7 mv-no!    e9 <conflict>!    e10
<conflict>M/V  e11 mv-mv-clashM/V  e13 aA    e18 add-noA    e19 D1A
e20 orphanmerging into branch B0.17 -- finishedConflicts:
single-element conflict: e9: yca=2/rm-mv, side1=<nil>,
side2=22/rm-mv-B  single-element conflict: e10: yca=2/mv-rm,
side1=2/mv-rm-D1, side2=<nil>  name-clash conflict: peid 2, name
'mv-mv-clash', 2 elements  cycle conflict: e13: elements e13 e14
cycle conflict: e14: elements e13 e14  orphan conflict: e20:
15/orphan: parent e15 does not existSummary of conflicts:
  2 single-element conflicts
  1 name-clash conflicts
  2 cycle conflicts
  1 orphan conflicts.../tools/dev/svnmover/svnmover.c:3944,
.../tools/dev/svnmover/svnmover.c:2405: (apr_err=123456)
svnmover: E123456: Cannot commit because there are unresolved conflicts

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