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From Marc Strapetz <>
Subject svn status API and missing switched flag
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2015 08:56:21 GMT
Consider following working copy for which directory "dir" is switched:

$ svn status -v
                814      813 marc         .
     S          814      813 marc         dir
                814      356 strapetz     dir\sub.txt

Now, when invoking "svn status" in sub-directory "dir", the "switched" 
state is not displayed anymore:

$ svn status -v
                814      813 marc         .
                814      356 strapetz     sub.txt

 From command line, this may be reasonable, because the user may expect 
to see the status "relative" to his current working directory.

 From API perspective, the missing "switched" flag is not expected. I 
guess that usually a non-root and non-infinity "svn status" will be 
invoked to efficiently update the state of a certain directory (at least 
we do so). Still the state is usually expected to be relative to the 
working copy root.

To resolve this, I'd propose to change core "svn status" itself to 
evaluate the "switched" flag for the status root directory. This will 
result in an additional "S", but won't do any harm:

$ svn status -v
    S            814 813 marc .
                 814 356 strapetz sub.txt

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