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From <>
Subject RE: Running SVN 1.9.x on ASF servers?
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2015 22:37:30 GMT
And since then we lost most custom patches to things like the commit mailer, because policy
changed to standardize on using the standard distributions...

No more nice summaries of what is merged, but just raw diff output. And still no proper handling
of copies, so every pre-copy property is mentioned as property change.

Requests to fix this, should now just be forwarded upstream, etc.

I'm not sure if that promise still holds...


From: Philip Martin
Sent: vrijdag 9 oktober 2015 23:47
To: Bert Huijben
Cc: Mark Phippard;Subversion Development
Subject: Re: Running SVN 1.9.x on ASF servers?

Bert Huijben <> writes:

> I think we have a chicken and egg problem here :(
> The ASF waits until the distributions update... And the distributions
> don't update to 1.9 because we apparently don't think it is stable
> because we don't update ourselves.

When we first discussed the move into the ASF repository:

  * Infra is willing to run our release candidates on the main repos, so
    we don't need a special server for that. they're pretty much willing
    to run anything we ask for (alpha? beta?), but that obviously means
    we better be *damned* sure it won't lose or corrupt the repo :-)

Philip Martin

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