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From Brett Randall <>
Subject [patch][reboot-topic] fix for changes to 'svnlook proplist' output
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2015 05:25:19 GMT
On the mailing list back in March 2014, there was a thread[1] which
correctly observed that since r1416637 (released in 1.7.8), the
changed output of svnlook proplist from name : value format to a new
multi-line/multi-value format made the existing
contrib pre-commit hook script no longer worked correctly, as it could
no longer parse the multi-line proplist output.

A patch was proposed[2], which took the approach of using svnlook
proget instead of svnlook proplist.  After some feedback, the thread
went cold, and there's no evidence of a commit or tracking bug.

I took a look at the patch and a similar approach.  I found that
svnlook propget, if it does not find the property present, sets return
code = 1, which is caught in read_from_process causing the script to
fail immediately.  Perhaps that was how it was intended to work.

The patch also contains a behaviour change, from working only on added
files in the transaction, to now working with any updated files also.

Having found the contrib script non-functional, I've taken another
look at this, and pushed a potential fix to my clone on Github[3].
This works for me for Subversion/svnlook 1.6.11 (old output) and 1.8.8
(new output).  I went with a dual-format parse of svnlook proplist
output, rather than tackling the switch to propget and handling the

So I just wanted to reopen the conversation, to either reopen
discussion/review of the old patch, or start a review of my new patch.





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