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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: 1.7.19 and 1.8.11 [was: svn commit: r1645547 - in /subversion/branches: 1.7.x/STATUS 1.8.x/STATUS]
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2014 12:23:35 GMT
Branko Čibej wrote:

> On 15.12.2014 04:30, Ben Reser wrote:
>>  On 12/14/14 6:11 PM, Branko Čibej wrote:
>>>  As you've all seen, I voted against releasing 1.7.19 and 1.8.11, because
>>>  the DAV tests don't work with HTTPd 2.4+, which is the system default on
>>>  the latest version of OSX. I'd be surprised if OSX is the exception; it
>>>  seems to depend not just on the HTTPd version but also on the configured
>>>  MPM.
>>>  I found that we've had the fix on trunk in for over a
>>>  year, and have proposed to backport it to 1.7.x and 1.8.x; it's a clean
>>>  merge.
>>>  I therefore propose that we scratch the 1.7.19 and 1.8.11 releases,
>>>  approve the backport and roll 1.7.20 and 1.8.12 with the fix included.
>>  I don't disagree we should fix this.  But it's not a regression.
> No, it isn't, which is why I wrote "vote against", not "veto". But it's
> an easily-fixed nuisance. ISTR Julian mentioned he had similar
> intermittent problems on Linux ... which might nor might not have the
> same cause.

Since upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 which has httpd 2.4, I found 'davautocheck' fails at the configuration
checking stage:

  AH00534: apache2: Configuration error: No MPM loaded. Configuration file didn't pass the check, most likely
  modules couldn't be loaded

 bypassing the checks in, httpd failed to start. At one point while experimenting
with these things, the OS crash reporter reported that httpd had crashed, but I don't know
which attempt that was.

I tried going back to Subversion 1.8.8 and 1.8.0 they fail in the same way.

 'APACHE_MPM=worker' made the test suite work and pass all tests. Although it's nice if everything
works automatically, this is good 
enough for me.

Later I tried with 'prefork', and that works too, and all tests pass. But with 'APACHE_MPM=event',
usually (but not always) some tests fail (for example, one or more of:
2 5 7 12 15; 13).

Does that appear to be the same issue you found? 

You also reported:
>   - Two swig-rb tests fail:
>     -- SvnClientTest#test_diff
>     -- SvnClientTest#test_diff_peg
>     It looks like these tests should use the --internal-diff flag,
>     or create their own config directory; i.e., this is a bug in
>     the tests rather than in the bindings.
>     (My default svn config sets diff-cmd to colorize the diff output,
>      which causes the regular expressions in the test to not match.)

 swig-rb tests use the Subversion configuration in the user's home 
directory and fail or behave differently if you have certain settings 
there. (In my case, Subversion 'diff' pops up a GUI.) They should 
instead use their own config dir.

I tried with various 1.8.x tags and found this problem was introduced in 1.8.9.

I worked around that problem by setting environment variable 'HOME' to a temporary directory.

- Julian

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